Mac Consultants Limited

Who Are We?

Mac Consultants Limited specializes in providing Apple branded and cross-platform solutions for technology sales, services, and support for organizations of all sizes within The Bahamas.
Mac Consultants Collaborate With Clients
By using a Mac Consultants Needs Analysis, we can provide a comprehensive set of recommendations so that you, the client, can be aware of the necessary requirements and implications before making any strategic technology decisions.

Our technical services allow our clients to focus on their essential work and as a result, increase their productivity, and save money on maintenance in the long term. Our sales and technical teams have been delivering technology solutions since 1997! Our years of experience, grantees the highest level of consultancy and support which we deliver.
Not Just Another Technology Firm
Mac Consultants Limited was born out of a need to solve Apple related technology issues for its clients by pointing out system deficiencies and potential improvements. These potential improvements also led to cross platform solutions.

Our Services

How do we serve you?

1 on 1 Strategy Sessions

Strategies to produce powerful networks & get increase productivity

Help keep maintenance costs down

Build a Strong Foundation & Platform

Most Importantly

Free up their productivity time so they can focus on doing what they do best.

Alleviate their frustrations caused by technology that doesn’t work well.


Face to face meetings anywhere, anytime, to discuss your IT Needs.

Purchase Apple, DELL, and other technology products

We keep it simple.

Measurable Results.


Mac Consultants Limited has provided Apple branded solutions since 1997! This gives us the unique ability to concentrate on being experts in our field, whereby, we can provide the right solutions and the highest level of service to you, our clients!

Mac Consultants Limited offers a wide range of various IT services. Below is a brief overview of what we provide:


Mac Consultants Limited looks at all elements of your technology strategy. From conception, to daily operations, as well as future development. We pay attention to those incidental areas of your systems and provide straightforward and friendly advice based on nearly 30 years of expertise.
Support Services

Mac Consultants Limited provides many service options which can work with any desired support strategy. From the traditional hourly rate, annual service contracts, and remote support. We also provide out of hours support during the week and weekends. Additionally, our service contracts have the option of unlimited support at a fixed price. We can accommodate your technology needs, based upon your desired goals, using our Mac Consultants Needs Analysis.

Instant Support

Mac Consultants Limited provides instant remote support for annual service contracts. As such, we create structured maintenance plans for Mac desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that allow for issues to be addressed fast and professionally day or night.

Support Contracts

Mac Consultants Limited offers cost effective IT support agreements that have a high level of service built in them such as unlimited mobile and remote work. Additionally, project and install time charges can also be added to the support package. We also provide loan units if your critical workstation fails.


Expert advice based upon nearly 30 years of experience. As such, it is well placed to offer the best advice on new or existing setups including networks, backup policies, client management and far more…

Complete Project Package

Mac Consultants Limited will tailor your project to meet the needs of your business and our expectation is that it will exceed yours! We provide free of charge, post-installation, a comprehensive report that outlines the agreed project’s install. We have over 27 years of experience of working with the Apple platform, so we are confident that we can provide a solution, which is customer friendly, and meets the needs of your business.

Types of Clients

Small Businesses

Colleges & Universities